Police Statement

I am a detective with the (city name) police. I am currently assigned to the Major Crimes Section. On (date of occurrence) I was working my scheduled shift operating an unmarked police vehicle and working in plain clothes.

At (time) I was detailed to attend a multiple homicide at (location). En route I learned that three individuals had been killed and (include any info that had been received en route or prior to attending, perhaps querying address and learning who lives there).

I arrived at (time). On arrival I entered the crime scene and signed the scene log being maintainted by uniform officers. I attended the scene and observed (details of what I can see lying around).

At (time) I left the scene and signed out of the log.

At (time) I met with (doctor) and obtained a statement. He advised me that (sum up what was learned from that witness). (Do that for each one of the witnesses present in Act 2 scene 3).

(Date) at (time) I obtained a search warrant for Macbeth's bank account. It was found that there were several transfers to account 12344556 belonging to (name of assassin). Queries of this individual determined that in the past he has been used as a contract killer(?). (proves premeditation).

Based on the evidence (sum up) and after conferring with other officers it was determined that there were grounds to charge Macbeth with 3 counts of first degree murder.

At (time) we attended (place). At that time I advised Macbeth he was under arrest for 3 counts of first degree murder. He was handcuffed to the rear and searched incident to arrest. I confirmed his identity by way of (Id somehow). I then read Macbeth his Rights to Counsel from my duty book. He advised he understood and wished to speak to a lawyer at the station. I then read him the caution which he understood. He was then transported by officer (name) to cells.

This concludes my involvement in this matter.