Macbeth Revived is not my attempt of being Dr Frankenstein and reanimating him using lightning but rather an opportunity to display others' interpretations of Shakespeare's play Macbeth.

This clip is an excellent example of the Patrick Stewart version of Macbeth (2010). The witches in this movie rendition are depicted as nurses during a Soviet-era Russia war. Even though they are depicted as nurses -associated with health and care- rather than old and distorted hags, an eerie and creepy mood is still present are they only appear when patients die.

This clip is from the Orson Wells production of Macbeth. The story was adapted to take place in the jungles of Haiti, where witchcraft was Voodoo and Macbeth was African rather than Scottish.

There have been numerous adaptions where the story has changed its setting: either in location or time.
The influence of Shakespeare's Macbeth can be seen in our society through throughout Tv, movies and stories and other plays. It never stops to amaze me that this plot, its poetic words is still alive today, whether in a quote or a visual nod.

Macbeth has also inspired artists, check out this rendition of the Weird Sisters. #113 Macbethby Hannah Tompkins (left). Also this lino-cut of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth depicting the theme of appearances versus reality (right).