What if Macbeth didn't die at the end of the play, wgavel.jpghat if he went to court and was charged for his actions?
Macbeth is charged with 3 accounts of 1st degree murder: regicide of King Duncan and murder of King Duncan’s two guards, charged with conspiracy to commit murder of Banquo and son Fleance and Macduff’s family.
Macbeth is going to be put on trial. The jury must decide if he is to be held accountable for his crimes.
The essential question to be answered is the extent of Macbeth's guilt: is he an evil man or a good one, a villain or a tragic hero, the master of his own fate or a victim of fate?

  • Defence Witnesses:Lady Macbeth, a Chambermaid of Lady Macbeth, Witches

  • Prosecution Witnesses:Malcom, McDuff, Fleance

  • Crown's Witnesses:Hired Assassins, Major Crimes Detective, Doctor

1) Bank Records for Macbeth: show transfer of funds to the account of Murderer 1, a trained killer. (warrant was obtained for financial records, linked to contract killers)

2) TEXT by Shakespeare

3) Knife (covered in Duncan’s blood and fingerprints of Macbeth, who handled these knives)

4) Bloody Clothes of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth

5) Planned sketch of Macbeth’s path to be king (family tree of Duncan).

6) Character witness from Duncan about Macbeth brought in by Malcom.