gavel.jpgMacbeth's Final Say

Develop a closing statement for the Macbeth trial, pick a side!
You are either part of the defence or part ofthe prosecution.
This is a written assignment andmust be completed in class in SEXY paragraph form as a speech.

This is your last attempt atpersuading the judge and jury. Youshould be stringing together all of your evidence and presenting it in astrong, fluid and persuasive manner.
1) Begin by thanking the jury for their patienceand attention.
2) Do not assert your personal beliefs onthe evidence to the jury.
3) Use a powerful quote from Shakespeare’s Macbeth to emphasize your argument.
4) Use a minimum of 5 adjectives from the play tohighlight Macbeth’s good or bad qualities.
  • He had “vaulted ambitions”.
  • He is a “valiant hero”!
  • He “look[s] like th’innocent flower, But [is]the serpent under’t”.